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Lifestyle Photographer
  I work all over France and internationally
Lifestyle photographer based in Vannes  
I'm working all over France and worldwide
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Pauline Tezier


Phone: +33 (0) 6 61 11 38 05

Siret: 53305436700024

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Self-taught photographer, Pauline  was born in Lausanne in 1979.


Her father working for the UNHCR, she spent her early childhood in the African bush. Through her father's profession, she rubs shoulders with refugee camps and displaced populations.  From these encounters,  she draws great humanity and a lot of humility.

After growing up in Turkey and studying Political Science in Canada, she returned to France in 2004.  


All  these trips shaped her childhood and the adult she is today and him  allowed  to have a different view of the world, allowing him  to better learn to communicate with others and thus to perceive and appreciate their differences.  She speaks today  fluent in English, Turkish and  gibberish  Spanish.   


It was in 2009 that  she receives her first SLR. what should be  a simple gift, will quickly become a vocation.

From these experiences,  Pauline has a special gift for putting people at ease and  knows how to put them  in value in a natural way. We feel in his photos all his sensitivity and sweetness.


Languages: English, Turkish and Baragouin  spanish


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